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We started RockBox because changing lives is the best feeling in the world. We see your potential and know that with commitment and accountability you can reach new levels of fitness and strength that can transform your life. We know that will make you feel better and that makes us feel better.
We’ve witnessed tired moms experience new stamina, young professionals radiate confidence and fathers re-energize and re-engage. So, let’s hit it and start feeling better, together.


Our love for the sport of boxing and kickboxing has driven us to spend a lot of time in gyms and fitness studios. That time has also shown us the incredible advantages of being fit. Not just in sport, but in our everyday lives. It’s this last point that has encouraged us to open RockBox Fitness and share our years of experience with everyone who wants the same out of life.

You don’t have to have a deep interest in pugilism. RockBox Fitness is much more than just boxing. It’s more than just working out. It’s more than just a gym. It’s a reach-your-goals, live-life-out-loud, feel-good fitness community

Our one-hour workouts are designed to create fast and lasting results that produce confidence and energy. Whether you are at RockBox, at work, or out with family and friends – once you become a member, you’ll see that Rockbox becomes an attitude and a lifestyle.


Our studios were built to avoid the number one problem with any fitness program. Boredom. It’s bad for your mind and it‘s bad for your body. We’ve purposefully implemented the perfect variety of equipment to allow us to create a full-body, goal-smashing, life-changing workout. But, what‘s better is that we can infinitely change the workout to keep it fresh, you interested and your body changing for the better.

The studios feature all of boxing equipment and heavy bags you would expect for a boxing and kickboxing based workout, plus an insane amount of functional training tools like kettle bells, battle ropes and sleds (elliptical and Nautilus machines need not apply). This, and our lifetime of experience, is key to creating workouts that rock.

Speaking of rocking – we have installed high-end sound systems to rock the tunes that keep you pumped and pushing hard. We also use adaptive lighting to cue another level of psychological motivation. When the light changes, so does your intensity.

When it’s all said and done, we cool down, take a breath and let out a great big woot! You’ve done it and this is a t-shirt you’re gonna wanna rock proudly.


Our trainers make up the expertise and the passion that drives our workouts. They LOVE seeing the results of hard work. The personal bests, the weight-loss goals, and the huge grins after achieving them. Each of them are professionally certified, accredited and have years-upon-years of experience boxing and kickboxing. RockBox trainers are obviously qualified to motivate you and show you technique, but each trainer must go through a rigorous in-house apprenticeship before being allowed to teach and lead a RockBox class. Our founder makes absolutely sure they are ready for our kick-ass RockBoxers.


Our concept takes fitness to a whole new level. By combining the “sweet science” with functional training, we elevate our offerings and keep members excited and engaged. Bootcamps and circuit training can sometimes grow stale and boring for participants. We don’t believe that creates long-term results. For our members or our business. Our members tell us we have the perfect combination of intensity, mojo, fun, motivation, and results. If you hold the same set of values and are interested in opening a RockBox Fitness studio, contact us and let’s chat. We look forward to talking.

107 Parr Drive
Huntersville, NC 28078

We’re glad you’re interested in changing lives. Yours and your members’.
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